Sally: Arthrosis
Sally, a very friendly and loving labrador-retriever, started her acupuncture therapy with me at the age of eight years. She was suffering from arthrosis in her joints and felt pain every time she walked uphill, on stairs, or when jumping into the car. Radiographs confirmed the diagnosis of arthrosis in her hip and elbow joints.

Sally’s owner wanted to ease her pain without having to give her pain medications as she didn’t want her to be exposed to the possible side effects of such anti-inflammatory medications. This was possible thanks to acupuncture treatment. The owner was happy to report after beginning the acupuncuture treatments that Sally was much more active and that she had less trouble with climbing the stairs or jumping into the car!


Sally responded very well to acupuncture and loved coming to her treatments. Because arthrosis is a progressive disease she underwent acupuncture treatments on a regular basis. We were very sad when she died at the age of almost ten years due to a heartcondition. I‘ll miss Sally very much!

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