Nayla: Signs of old age

Nayla, an affectionate Labrador Retriever, started her acupuncture treatments at the advanced age of 13 years. She appeared apathetic, couldn’t hear nor see very well anymore, and she had a hard time walking because of her arthritic joints.

The owner reported signs of improvement already after the first treatment. Nayla seemed to have found a new interest in life, could see better and hear the owner rustling at the fridge. She even had started to greet her owner at the door again! Getting up from a lying position also had improved, as had her ability to walk the stairs.


Nayla received and enjoyed her regular acupuncture treatments. Her treatment protocol was continuously adjusted to her progressing arthrosis. Unfortunately, she passed on at 15 years of age. We will always remember her loving character und the trusting look in her beautiful eyes!

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