Sally: Arthrosis and spondylosis
Coco, a happy and lively mixed breed dog originally from Spain, was sufferung from the serious injuries following a car accident. He developed painful arthrosis in his knees and hips at a young age and additionally had to deal with pain from spondylosis in his spine. He was consequently on pain medication for many years.

It was a great pleasure to get to know Coco, his caring owner, and his best friend Mäx, also a dog from Spain. I was treating Coco regularly with acupuncture for his arthrosis while the dedicated owner kept a good eye on her dog‘s ideal weight. These supportive measures enabled us to reduce Coco’s pain and thus improve his quality of life. He only needed his pain medication in rare exceptions, which in turn signifantly reduced the risk of unwanted side effects from the medication. Coco could now continue to enjoy his favorite activity, to hunt for mice, without worry!

Coco is unfortunately no longer with us, but I’ll always remember his contagious joy of living and friendliness!

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